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I Look For Nsa Craigslist albany oregon free stuff

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Craigslist albany oregon free stuff

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Most importantly, I need to find out if my marriage was a mistake and if so, I need to restart asap. I'm affectionate,loving,love to cuddle and be romantic. The is hot craigsilst whatdya think.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Want Real Sex
City: Mobile, AL
Hair: Dyed blond
Relation Type: Hooker Woman Search Single Blonde

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We know the people of Albany are a kind, giving people. In fact, some people are so giving they're offering their stuff for free.

Craigslist in Albany is a great place to find some things you may not even know you're looking. And, when it's free, why not?

Free bassinet. Do you have a new baby on the way? This bassinet might be what you need.

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But, the kicker is that if you like the bassinet, this one also comes with a free orange velour chair. Plus, it's already outside so why not go by and get it? Free wooden branch.

Craigsoist awarding this person an extra point for clever. Why pay someone to haul away that tree branch brought down by the last storm when there's someone on Craigslist who will come and get it for free? We're subtracting one position since this one doesn't come with an orange velour chair.

Free fridge. Free rocks. According to the listing, these rocks are great for backyards.

But, apparently, not good enough for their backyard. Free rooster or roosters.

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Not only is this rooster free, but he will also eliminate your need for an alarm clock. And, if rooster 1 is taken before you get there, there's always rooster 2.

What's Hot: Sign In. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Free bassinet Do you have a new baby on the way?

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