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Looking for a 3rd team mate or new friend

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Teammatesalso known as Traveling Companions or Party Members, are Miis who travel with their friend, the protagonist, to defeat the Dark Lord.

Unlike the protagonist, the teammates choose their attack automatically. The second teammate will be recruited some time before encountering the Great Sage for the first time.

The Greenhorne teammates hope that the player will find.

Loooking fourth teammate will be recruited after clearing the first route in Neksdor. The sixth teammate will be recruited when you're tasked to find The Genie.

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After completing Neksdor, those teammates get taken away and is brought to the same place as the Greenhorne teammates are at. Upon meeting the Greenhorne teammates, they looiing out that they are friends with the player which makes six of them friends.

The six teammates decide to find their way out by working as a team. Just like the fourth teammate, the seventh teammate is recruited after clearing the first route in Realm of the Fey. The eighth teammate is recruited some time after encountering the Youngest Fab Fairy for the first time.

The ninth teammate is recruited after finishing the first route in Bigg Forest. After completing Realm of the Fey, those teammates are also captured and end up joining the rest of the player's teammates with their escape plan off-screen.

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Their faces were placed on monsters around Karkaton. It is discovered that the faces of the third, sixth and ninth teammates have been placed on the Burning GolemMagma Slime and Paincloud randomly.

The next three teammates are found at the end of the volcano, where they have been placed on the Cerberusrevealed in battle by the Cerberus looking down at the player. The second, fifth frienf eighth teammates are then rescued upon the beast's defeat.

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In the final stretch, the last three have been turned into guards to impede the party's progress. After completing Choctaw men and defeating the Dark Lord, the player's teammates will no longer get kidnapped again and stay with the player for ndw rest of the game.

Five teammates then move to the Villa. These mwte teammates are the ones who fought the left and right hand of the true final boss.

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The Greenhorne teammates spotting the Neksdor teammates. Retrieved from " https:

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