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Mudslinging in politics is an old and commonly practised way of maliciously slandering opponents and destroying their careers.

In Malaysia, this takes various forms, from planting fake stories, to doctoring videos and pictures, and spreading rumours and innuendos.

People love salacious drama and all too easily lap it up.

LGBT rights in Malaysia - Wikipedia

Or a different allegation with the same narrative surrounding the named individual could surface. Over this past week, a major sex scandal has erupted. A video and several lewd photos of two men who appeared to be engaging in sexual acts began spreading on Whatsapp on Monday Jun File erotic sex stories first time Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said he does not believe the video is genuine.

Malaysia asian sex Ibrahim has also denounced malaysia asian sex episode as one of gutter politics. They even provided a timeline which shows Azmin was somewhere else when the alleged incident took place.

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I want the police to investigate the authenticity of the videos, who has been spreading and also the actors involved. PAS meanwhile has taken the high road to urge members to eex clear of the scandal and avoid spreading accusations. There are high stakes involved.

In a year, if the original time table is kept to, Dr Mahathir is poised to step down as prime minister malaysia asian sex Anwar Ibrahim is set to replace malaysi.

What has this got to with the current sex scandal? Azmin is widely womens 4560 seeking sex a front runner for the prime ministership if, for whatever reason, Anwar does not get the job.

malaysia asian sex

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After Anwar made a police report and refuted the claims that it was him, the issue died a natural death. It was later confirmed that the Mat Sabu tape was fake. malaysia asian sex

Such scandals, even if proven to be true, do not have to be career-ending episodes. There are Malaysian politicians who have survived maalaysia sex video scandal.

This case was remarkable in that Dr Chua admitted openly in a press conference that he was the man in the video. In fact, many in the Chinese community and the party saw his admission and resignation as a brave move given that politicians caught up malaysia asian sex such sex scandals typically deny in the first instance.

Malaysia asian sex

Several things will now likely occur. Online od police will likely be involved if Lokman has lodged a police report. They will have to track down malaysia asian sex was behind the video and their motive.

But the ripples will still be felt. Malaysian ministers attend first cabinet meeting since the Pakatan Harapan coalition won the 14th general election. The prime ministership is the ultimate prize in Malaysian politics and there are plenty of people who are willing malaysia asian sex do anything to secure it.

In any case, the biggest victim is Malaysian society, as such unconstructive politics distract the malaysia asian sex from advancing on their policy priorities. The really interesting issue, which may go unaddressed is this: Why are such obscene sex videos seemingly common in Malaysian politics?

Have they become a weapon of choice? The short answer is that these sorts of allegations stay in the ma,aysia of voters for years to come.

Sex hormones in Malay and Chinese men in Malaysia: are there age and race differences?

Even when the sex tapes are later found to malaysia asian sex fake, the intended sexx will find it difficult to live down the allegations. The social media we live in recycles information and misinformation constantly, exacerbated by confirmation bias. Skip Navigation Jump to Main.