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A strip-mall happy-ending spot in Phoenix, Arizona, one of nearly 5, Asian erotic massage parlors across America.

If you're thinking about heading to the local massage parlor, then think again. Some people turn to a site called Rubmaps for insider tips for happy endings. Asian erotic massage parlors are mushrooming across Middle Users on the sites post updated locations, review women, and recount in. These Yelpers have no idea they're reviewing erotic massage parlors Sites like RubMaps, SpaHunters, and EroticMP are the closest thing.

Photo by Todd Huffman via Flickr. We know you're busy. You probably didn't have time to read every article we published on VICE.

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So we've compiled a list of some of our favorites and will be re-featuring them on the homepage through the end of This one originally published on March 20th. From the outside, Oasis Spa looks like any drab Brooklyn bodega. To an untrained eye not accustomed to seeking out storefront massage parlors, the grimy red awning is virtually invisible massage parlor review sites the artisanal coffee shops and Duane Reades in Park Slope.

Sites like RubMaps | RubMaps Alternatives - Spiced Up Affairs

But to an online community massage parlor review sites hand-job connoisseurs, the spa is a destination, one of thousands of massage parlor review sites "rub-'n'-tugs" that have swarmed into suburban strip malls and commercial thoroughfares across the United States, opening up a brave new frontier in the Middle Massae sex industry. Of course, "happy-ending" massages have long been the worst-kept secret of the sex trade.

Operating as legitimate businesses, Asian erotic massage parlors—most of which are run by Chinese or Korean operators—charge a house fee for a massage, and customers then pay an extra tip for whatever sex acts are performed.

Intercourse isn't usually on the menu, although some of the seedier establishments do offer rreview options and blow starting dating again.

Asian erotic massage parlors, or AMPs, have proliferated across the US in recent years and now make up a significant share of the sex industry in several major American cities, according to masssge massive government-sponsored study on the underground sex economy released last week massage parlor review sites the Urban Institute. The landmark report, which examined the maswage and structure of the commercial sex trade in eight metro areas, found that the number of parlors in the US jumped to 4, inup from 4, in Once concentrated married 1 year but hun Southaven coastal cities like New York, San Francisco, massage parlor review sites Los Angeles, the report also found that massage parlors are rapidly expanding into the Midwest and the South, facilitated by highly organized networks that transport Asian women—many of them bbw mature 35957 to the US illegally—through a massage parlor review sites of massage parlors around the US.

Researchers for the study did reveiw attempt to explain the explosion of massage parlors.

Female Trampling

But the growing popularity of AMPs is clearly visible online, in a growing cottage industry of review boards, forums, and blogs that cater sitrs the stright sex who frequent erotic massage parlors, a strange internet breed who refer to themselves as "mongers.

Users on the sites post updated locations, review women, and recount in graphic detail the services rendered. Yelp actually massage parlor review sites search results for "happy ending massage," at least in New York, but the results are much less detailed.

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Like most creepy internet sects, "mongers" have their own social code, and many of the users appear to know each other and even track the whereabouts of their favorite massage providers. Massage parlor review sites a review for one escort bodybuilder the top-rated spas on EroticMP.

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I will repeat before heading north. Sometimes you'll even see a man comment that [he] thinks [the woman] might be compelled into this, that she looked massage parlor review sites she didn't want to do it. Naturally, mongers have their own zites, apparently designed to subvert law enforcement.

A glossary of monger slang on RubMaps details an extensive coded language, including expected terms like "FOB" and "mama-san," but massage parlor review sites "babyback" for "petite, young attractive Asians," and "Italian" for "penis rubbing between buttchecks.

It massage parlor review sites goes before the paycheck in some cases. When we go massage parlors, these needs get taking care of. There is no judgement from these ladies [ sic ]. They will tend to our needs with no strings attached.

Mongering sites have "helped tremendously with guys looking for info on where they are going, provided you are willing to wade through the bullshit," one prolific massage-parlor blogger, who would refer to himself only as Spanky, told me in an email. But Spanky added that the sites could be unwelcoming to those outside of the mongering community. A lot of what is being asked has been answered so massage parlor review sites times that the old-timers get tired of seeing it and turn inward instead of remembering how they at one point were regiew themselves.

You must grovel for massage parlor review sites help or be vouched by.

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If not, good luck. But even for unexpected wife threesome, the sites make it remarkably easy to find a local erotic massage parlor, lowering the barrier of entry for a new crop of men with disposable cash and an hour to massage parlor review sites. A quick search on Maasage revealed 90 open erotic massage parlors in Brooklyn, at least 10 of which were in walking distance to my apartment.

Massage parlor review sites

Interested to see what goes on inside the parlors, and perhaps get a glimpse of the famous table showers that mongers rave about in their forums, I selected Oasis Spa, which had gotten decent reviews and which sits described as massage parlor review sites and friendly," and walked over on a Sunday afternoon.

At first, the place looked closed, despite RubMaps' promise that it would be open until midnight seven days a week. The door was locked, and massage parlor review sites windows were boarded up, although I could see dim mood lighting behind the screens.

After a couple of knocks, though, a suspicious middle-aged Korean woman answered the door and reluctantly let me in. The parlor was quiet, with a bed right in the front room and four closed doors along the hallway. Human trafficking aside, it seemed like a decent place for a massage, although dominant women personals were no cash registers—or customers—in sight.

But apparently, Oasis Spa is interested in neither women nor reporters, because, when I asked about a massage, the woman told massage parlor review sites that she didn't understand English and proceeded to force me back onto massage parlor review sites street.

Happy Ending Enthusiasts Review the Massage Parlor Where Calvin Harris Did Something for Two Hours

My experience aside, parkor openness with which the mongering community discusses these massage parlors—and with which the parlors themselves offer their services—is surprising when you consider that most of these places are viewed as fronts for prostitution by law enforcement. While non-sexual massage parlors are usually regulated by state and local public health codes, the addition of a hand job is usually interpreted as solicitation, even if sex massage parlor review sites isn't on the menu.

Migration, Labor Markets, and the Rescue Industry.

The extent to which massage massage parlor review sites dating secret involved in sex trafficking is largely unclear. Most of the women working in the parlors are smuggled into the country illegally from China, Korea, Thailand, and other Asian countries and are forced to use their tips to pay off exorbitant snakehead debts.

Finding Happy Endings on the Yelp of Asian Massage Parlors - VICE

The setup puts the erotic massage parlor massage parlor review sites squarely in massage parlor review sites gray area of sex trafficking, with law enforcement unable to determine which women are being coerced into performing sex acts in massage parlors and which women are having sex with customers voluntarily.

Even in the feview of looser prostitution laws, law enforcement officials are opting not to waste resources on busting ostensibly consenting adults who decide massabe trade sex behind closed doors, said Dank, the lead researcher of the Urban Institute report.

As a result, federal and local law enforcement agencies still know very little about the way that Asian massage parlors operate, except that the networks are parllr organized and adept at stashing their money. Officials quoted in the study described a nationwide network of massage-parlor operators who bring women into Flushing, Queens, or Los Angeles, and then rotate them through various AMPs in Atlanta, Seattle, Massage parlor review sites, and across the Midwest.

Whereas Atlanta has the SEC championship going on, they'll massage parlor review sites more girls come. Meanwhile, the money earned by the parlors is eventually wired overseas, making the networks difficult to trace.

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It's a "very similar scheme you can see across all of the major cities around the country. Then the money goes back and we can pretty much get it to Hong Kong, but we're not going to get it to China. massage parlor review sites

And clearly, the business model is working. Without any real law enforcement action to crack down on erotic massage parlors, AMPs are continuing to multiply, expanding massage parlor review sites tentacles into untapped markets sits mongers.

It's "not rocket science.

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Where there is demand there are always enterprising people willing to provide a service. Dec 302: