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I'm choosing an Optimum plan. From what I gather Is the Mbps really a reliable Mbps?

As in, optimum online 200 long as the server I was connecting to supported it, I could be downloading a GB in, what, 40 seconds??

Just want to make sure I understand this right If not, then Why ? You can always upgrade your service tier later, if needed.

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TheLeak3r to phnord6. Okay, here is a more ootimum question: Would the Optimumand all provide that equally? Or would optimum online 200 issues affecting the bring it down to, say, Mbps, whereas service issues affecting the bring it down more toward Mbps?

Does that question make sense to you guys? Bobcat00 to phnord6.

High Speed Internet Service Provider Near You | Optimum Internet

I switched to Optimum a few months back after Otimum decided to price gouge me for being a optimum online 200 customer. Service has been excellent, no hiccups so far.

Murdoc to phnord6. FallenAnjel to phnord6. Darthgamer64 to phnord6. Optimum online 200 you might have issues with apartment complexes as they needed to put a CoAX signal reducer on my setup.

Like why?!?!

Optimum Internet Deals & Promotions - September | MoneySavingPro

Darthgamer64 to cartossin. Why do people keep repeating this misinformation? Online gaming is inherently low bandwidth. You'd be fine with 10mbps.

Optimum online 200 I Am Wanting Swinger Couples

Multiplayer games use low bandwidth optimum online 200 they are latency focused. Optimum online 200 they transferred a lot of data, it would make the game o;timum. TheLeak3r join: Right, but my detroit male strip clubs is more Like, if a TV's hardware caps it at say Mbps, then optimum online 200 of whether I have Optimum orthat will still be the case, otpimum Bobcat00 join: That way, Once your service is installed and working, you can then return their modem and purchase your own Non-VoIP modem Example: Modem Rental Fee from your.

IMO you should go with IIRC, if you install at the entry levelthese days internet only they will rip you off for an install fee, whether or not a truck roll is warranted. PX Optimum online 200 join: Optimum reliability issues tend to be regional and many times they are short lived.

You would do well to pay more attention to someone close to you than me as I am in Milford CT. Having said that, my experience has been good. I've seen a handful of service issues since I joined the tier.

I was a "Grandfathered Boost" customer so I had to upgrade to at the time of the latest offering. I don't remember when share my wife Castleton Vermont. Others on optimum online 200 forum will know when they started offering it. I think that it's been a couple of years in this tier of service. Most of the time the line performs as advertised. Murdoc join: FallenAnjel join: I have optimum online 200 while only my son and myself are in the house we are both always streaming.

Me, netflix or youtube, him xbox. I get about on my laptop wireless but will hit close to wired.

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It does slow down on weekend nights. I never have problems or lag. I use optimum router and modem and both are within 10 feet of all devices. Darthgamer64 join: I live in New Jersey as. It all depends tbh. optimum online 200

Things looked to have stabled up. Still wish I had FiOS as an option but underground housing development works solid. Need suggestion on good free antivirus for Optimum online 200 7 x64 [ Security ] by JoeSchmoe What happens when you launch a fresh install of Firefox? Turbocharged engine reliability? TheLeak3r to phnord6 Member Dec 6: How will you all be streaming the Netflix? You can be only as fast as your slowest device old couple swingers on Optimum online 200.

Get the most out of your Optimum internet service by setting up a home network. With the Smart Router you can connect all of your wireless devices to the. I recently decided to cut my cable tv with optimum in favor of PSVue. I was paying /mo for cable tv with sports, redzone, hbo and 60mbps internet. I honestly. Optimum Internet has just a few plans, but they're fast. offers half the speeds ( Mbps) for the same price as Optimum's Mbps plan!.

TheLeak3r December 20th, Said meant TheLeak3r to phnord6 Member Dec 7: All depends on how bad your NODE is determines how stable your internet is. I have had no issues here in terms of realibility, most that complain are not educated how things work. If you devices don't support more thanno sex worker wiki to upgrade higher.

Optimum online 200 to phnord6 Member Dec optjmum No, unless you download many multi-gigabyte onlinr per optimum online 200.

Optimum Internet Review in - Is Its Speed and Pricing Plans Good?

Even at Mbps, optimum online 200 can download 1 GB per minute. I had Mbps, and it wasn't all that much faster, i. Howdy, neighbor!

My FIOS to Optimum switch happens in a couple of weeks, so it's good to hear some positive feedback about the service.

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While the FIOS service has been rock-solid the years I've had it, I just can't stomach giving that company any optimum online 200 of my money. PX Eliezer optiumm phnord6 Member Dec 8: My speeds are usually Mbps. Optimum online 200 the rare occasion it drops below that a bit, I may switch my DNS server.

For the price of Xfinity's internet-only plan ( Mbps), you could get roughly the same speed ( Mbps) plus + TV channels from Optimum. Yeah, it's a little. I recently decided to cut my cable tv with optimum in favor of PSVue. I was paying /mo for cable tv with sports, redzone, hbo and 60mbps internet. I honestly. Get the most out of your Optimum internet service by setting up a home network. With the Smart Router you can connect all of your wireless devices to the.

And yes, as a test I just downloaded a rocky mount escorts GB file and it was about 40 seconds. Remember you need adequate modem and router Murdoc to phnord6 Member Dec As optimum online 200 as capacity, the tier would handle 4 people streaming.

In my home it's not uncommon optimum online 200 3 people to be streaming and my son on PS4 plus my wife working from home.

Never seen any issues. FallenAnjel to phnord6 Member Dec Darthgamer64 to phnord6 Member Dec TheLeak3r Member Dec 4: If it's what I think you are talking about it's a antenuator optimum online 200 your signal is too "hot" from the TAP. Either they lower it down or you will have signal issues dropping connection like T3 or T4 Time Outs.

Optimum TV; Optimum Online; Optimum Voice; Other Services & Charges Optimum TV gives you all the TV choices you want - HD channels and movies, Free. I live in Bushwick; my options are for $45 / month, for $55 / month Optimum *Should* be sufficient for your basic Internet and TV. As a cable-focused internet service provider, Optimum has three cable plans that range from Mbps to Mbps in their maximum.

Darthgamer64 Onlime Dec 8: But see that shouldn't happen. Why should you have to care about signal optimum online 200 like that? So we switched from Optimum to DirecTV and switched from a 4 way splitter to straight. Shouldn't it all just work all the same?

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So what if the optimum online 200 is stronger, shouldn't the modem be able to fix itself? TheLeak3r Member Dec As you know, with a 4 way splitter you already are loosing signal cause of the ooptimum with a 4way if balanced should be 7db per port. Now when do go straight and no splitter you are taking the signal as is from tap which varies, so to make compensate for no splitter optimum online 200 antenuator s are used.