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Sister turns brother into sissy Looking Men

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Sister turns brother into sissy

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Then I'd love to hear from you. I'd like to have some company.

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Natalya cinches her brother into a tight corset. She and her friend, Chloe, are turning him into a sissy. The girls laugh at him and do it.

Danni is almost fully transformed. The girls have made her wear a long wig, and pink garters with a matching collar, in addition to her usual chastity device. But Danni really does not want to be humiliated any longer by being dressed up this way.

She puts up a stink, and Natalya responds by calling their Mother into the bedroom. Brianna enters to find her daughters quarreling.

Brianna must reinforce to Danni that there are no males allowed in the household. Brianna makes her son put on the satin panties that started the argument between the siblings in the first place.

Looking For A Fun Fwb Arrangement

The females finish dressing Danni to fully-transform the awkward young man into a pretty girl. They complete the transformation with a lesson in poise, and taunt Danni with hints at what will come next for.

Clip Contains: File Name: Female Domination World. Search for: Starring Mistress Cloe.

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