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Spain student looking for that geeky girl

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After two weekends in Sevilla, I was getting the horny Lexington Kentucky girls to travel. I decided to take the 1: Not to mention, Halloween in Spain just seems like a strange concept.

A lot of clubs and bars have Halloween specials, probably because there are so many students in the city. I love that costumes here are actually scary. On US college campuses, the costume scene is dominated by sexy costumes or ironic costumes. Not. You see people with full faces of skull makeup, ghosts, vampires not the sparkly kindand a spain student looking for that geeky girl array of spooky costumes that our age group in the USA seems to have forgotten.

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Not having brought costumes, the Americans housewives wants casual sex Yetter the best they could with cat ears, drawn on noses, and whatever else was in the closet.

I wore my dirndl, which spain student looking for that geeky girl a lot of fun. Some Spaniards actually asked my friends why we were dressed like we. On Friday, I dragged myself out of bed, packed, and hopped on the six hour bus to Madrid. Kelsey and I called it an early night because we wanted to get in a lot of sightseeing the next day.

The first thing I did Saturday was go for a run in the Parque de Buen Retiro, a acre park right by the Prado museum. I wish I had time for a longer run! There are many different areas of the park, but the only spain student looking for that geeky girl I got to see were the Forest of the Departed and the big artificial lake that you can cross in a rowboat. It took us a bit of searching, but it was worth it. They cooked up fresh fish right in front of us.

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I even had a dtudent cooked in truffle oil. Manchego cheese with cured ham, pate de fois gras, and goat cheese with caramelized onions. We parted ways after brunch. Jessica went to find the boys while Kelsey and I took the metro to the Museo de Traje, which I had been dying to see.

Spain student looking for that geeky girl

I love costume design, firl since I had already been to the Prado and the Royal Palace, I wanted to see a museum off the beaten track. They had fashions from the eighteenth century to about the s. I took plenty of pictures to use as references for sketching later. They also had a great exhibit where you could try on the complicated undergarments of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. My favorite was the spani.

I dare you not to look at that codpiece. I dare you. We ended our museum part of spain student looking for that geeky girl trip with a visit to the Reina Sofia looking for 18 21 canton ltr see Guernica and some paintings by Salvador Dali. I spain student looking for that geeky girl a quick side trip to the Royal Palace to see if I could catch the sunset.

I was too late, but it was still beautiful. She lived loojing Madrid for four years when she was younger, so her family still has connections. My trip to Madrid ended with a night out at Kapital, a seven level club. When I walked in the door, I knew immediately that this was the club that, long ago, I had visited during our high school trip to Spain. Ah, memories. Clubbing is not really my thing, but I had promised Jessica at least one night stydent. I made it until 3: My bus left at Despite the long bus ride, I enjoyed the trip, especially all those fabulous tapas!

Advertisements Categories: For someone who is supposedly a homebody, I seem to be burning through my weekends like crazy.

We visited the synagogue in the Jewish quarter. It was extremely small, and the most that could be said of it was that it survived the Catholic dominion of the region.

Spain student looking for that geeky girl

Next, we went to the Mezquita. The Mezquita changed hands lokking times throughout its history. It was built in the s by the Visigoths as a church. The end result is an incredible mixture of architecture styles.

Geek Girl Abroad | My life in Sevilla, Spain

Personally, I preferred the simple elegance of the Islamic architecture: After our tour of the Mezquita beautiful older woman looking flirt Bozeman Montana finished, a few friends and I went to check out the gallery of the Inquisition.

We walked through a series of rooms filled with gruesome torture devices and information on the Inquisition. The dim lighting and the religious chanting playing in the background made the whole experience super creepy. I had actually spain student looking for that geeky girl to this museum before five years ago, when I came to Spain with my high school Glrl class. I have fond memories of squealing in horror over those same torture devices with Lisette and Elaine, two of my best friends from home.

Back to the museum.

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The Spanish Inquisition is infamous, but it was hardly the only country of the time to employ torture. During the middle ages, torture was a normal part of investigations.

Reading the descriptions of some of the tortures made me cringe. For example, here is the head crusher.

First the teeth are crushed into their sockets and smash the surrounding bone, then the eyes are forced out of their sockets, spain student looking for that geeky girl finally the brain squirts through the giro skull. Was I glad we went? I fully admit to being both fascinated and horrified by the museum. After that museum, we were in need of sunshine and happiness, so we strolled around the Jewish quarter, shopped, and had ice cream.

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We got to see two faces of religion in Spain on our trip: My alarm went off at 7: In typical Kathryn tyat, I took longer getting ready than I anticipated. They were everywhere! Apparently this is a new thing: Me in my very own dirndl! Dreams do come true. We got to the Paulaner tent at about 9: There were eleven of us that morning, but other friends arrived later.

Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Birch Run is when I met the lovely Tammy Bre of http: After an hour of freezing in the light rain, we finally made it inside.

It was time for the fun to begin. Immediately we stusent the spain student looking for that geeky girl round of beer. Spain student looking for that geeky girl became very familiar with that word geky the course of the next eleven hours, along with the infamous Prost song that leads to everyone standing up, toasting, and taking a big drink of beer. Our table. Mine was Brunhilde. If the beer in my mug started getting lower than hers, Tsudent slowed.

Tammy was good company over the course of the day: I discovered that she also loves long distance running and blogging.

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Now if only I could read German. Over the next eleven hours I had four liters of beer, fot with more pretzels, more weissworst, and an incredible lunch of ochsenbrust, or roast ox. It came with two dumplings, cranberries, stewed apples, and boiled red cabbage. I was in heaven.

It was a splurge, since food at Oktoberfest is ridiculously expensive, but it was worth every delicious bite. Worth every euro. And believe me, that was a lot of euros.

At twelve the band started up and played traditional music until about four or. The music changed to popular songs, people were starting spain student looking for that geeky girl stand up on benches and dance, and I was right there with.

The group of Germans at the other table had brought their token foreigner, an Australian, and we vowed to sing every English song together and pretend like we could sing the German ones. People had told me I would either hate Oktoberfest for being a touristy waste of money, or it how to make someone unconscious quickly be the best trip of the term. It was definitely the. I ate, I drank, Spain student looking for that geeky girl sang, and I even rode the rollercoaster around 9: It was a night to remember!

Even better, I actually can remember it! Stuffing my face and drinking slowly definitely paid off. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN actually do other things at Oktoberfest besides drink.