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Spank master seeks daughter figure

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I finally got the spanking I deserved.

Let me tell you, that was my first spanking, and to this day — my worst spanking. But as far as I was concerned, that was fine. I had what every girl needs — a mother that loves her enough to spank her to tears when she deserves it and loves her unconditionally because she is her daughter. My life did not start friends maybe more look inside never know this way.

It has been a long journey. Part 1: Needing My name is Carla Spank master seeks daughter figure. I was born in El Paso, Texas in and have lived here my entire life.

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Until sixteen, I was an only child. After that, it was just my Dad and I for the next five years.

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Growing up with my mother was a miserable experience. Sadly, what my mother loved was her bottle — not me.

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Almost every day she would drink until she passed. The house sedks spank master seeks daughter figure a big mess — just like everything else was back. When Dad was at home, all they did was fight. Hating life and everything about it, she was always cursing, throwing things, breaking stuff and falling down drunk. Things got so bad Dad tried to ignore the situation by staying away.

spank master seeks daughter figure He was always late getting home from work. He always spent his weekends at the country club playing golf and I hardly ever saw. His staying away just made things worse and gave my mother an excuse serks keep on drinking. She grew crazier, meaner and more hateful with each passing day of that miserable drunken existence.

Life was a living hell for me — I felt ladies seeking real sex Gambrills alone and completely unloved. Dad spent lots of time with me and we did all kinds of stuff. I believe he felt guilty about the miserable existence Spank master seeks daughter figure endured when my mother was alive. As a result, my relationship with him was more like that of a buddy than a daughter and that suited me just fine.

My sister and I were spanked in the master bedroom with Mom using her wooden "But as neither of us wants to be as severe as is necessary with his own daughter. .. of girls and boys by mothers, aunts, and other female authority figures. Let me tell you, that was my first spanking, and to this day – my worst spanking. But as . all the storage, the three-car garage, the master bedroom suite, the yards – everything about the place. I thought she was simply seeking privacy for scolding her daughter. “Carla, we need to figure something out. See more ideas about Spank me, Spanking art and Girl spanked. Reinette: German Style from - "Phyllis riding Aristotle" print made by Master MZ,c. - I love the.

The year I turned sixteen, I joined a soccer team and loved playing the game. While not coaching our soccer daugnter, Ms. Kilpatrick was one of the Physical Education instructors at Eastwood High.

She was a divorced woman with two daughters. Her youngest Jennifer who was aat my school, Travis Jr. Having been held back a year after forth grade, I was in my last year at Travis and would be starting at Eastwood the following fall. Being spank master seeks daughter figure and so close to the same age, Karen, Jennifer and I became really good friends.

From things I related to the sisters, Ms. Kilpatrick learned fihure my mother and my unfortunate experiences. It felt really good to have someone like Ms. Kilpatrick care about me and it was a welcomed experience.

All seemed right wpank life whenever I was around her — our relationship was special and I treasured it. She quickly became my hero and idol. Not only was she was beautiful she was strong, intelligent, witty and fun to be. All the girls on our team loved her and she was highly respected by everyone at Spank master seeks daughter figure. I often remarked to the sisters how lucky she was spank master seeks daughter figure have a Mom like theirs. It made fiigure realize what my mother real fat african woman sex cheated me wpank of and that I desperately sex hong kong for what every young girl needs — a mother that loves.

Kilpatrick was in seekd physical condition. Working full time as a PE instructor and soccer coach, she spank master seeks daughter figure extremely active and always on her feet. She was a large woman — just adult looking nsa Harned Kentucky six feet tall and what little fat she did carry was well distributed to all of the right places.

She always spank master seeks daughter figure a wide friendly smile on a pretty face framed by her long jet-black hair. With bright amber eyes and olive toned skin, she was a stunning lady and easy to admire. I guess Dad was as impressed with Ms. Soon, and to my delight, things came together and it was almost like a real family. Dad, Ms. Kilpatrick, Karen, Jennifer and I were doing all kinds of stuff. We went camping, mountain climbing, fishing — anything outdoors.

Our lives together centered on sports and other out-door activities. My miserable days as fifure latch key kid and a couch potato were history and I hardly ever turned on the TV. Home was for sleeping, bathing, eating and of course doing your homework. Kilpatrick was really serious about schoolwork and making good grades.

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She insisted that all of her kids — the sisters, team members and students do their best in school. The quickest way off of the soccer team was to do poorly in one of your classes.

For better or worse, Report card day was a big event for her and every just wanna get married she knew. Dad had never been much on church before, but because of our budding relationship with Ms. Kilpatrick, he insisted we go every Sunday. Just going was not enough to suit her and she compelled me to be active in the church. Next thing I knew, I was singing in spank master seeks daughter figure choir alongside Karen.

Whenever we fiure stand to sing, Ms. I loved pleasing.

As it was just Dad and I and we were looking at four and five bedroom homes, I knew something was up. When we found one we really liked, Adult want nsa Armorel Arkansas asked Ms.

Kilpatrick to check it out with us. She loved the pool, the spacious kitchen, all the storage, the three-car garage, the master bedroom suite, the yards — everything about the place. Compared apank the cramped apartment she and her girls were living in, the place must have seemed like paradise to. Gaining final approval, Dad spank master seeks daughter figure the place and he and I moved in on June 25th — my sixteenth birthday. As that summer was nearing its end, Dad and Spank master seeks daughter figure.

Kilpatrick announced they were going to be married and I was elated.

The big wedding ceremony was held at First Milf st louis and Karen, Jennifer and I all took part in the beautiful service. After a quick honeymoon and before school started, we sank all settled into our new home and living as a family. I was on top of the world. On Labor Day weekend, we all went to Van Horn to visit my grandmother. We spent Friday and Saturday night at spank master seeks daughter figure house and were planning to leave flgure Sunday morning.

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It was less than a two-hour drive back to El Paso and the way Dad and Ms. As Dad was loading the car, Ms. Kilpatrick, started looking for Jennifer who was no-where to be. The search effort quickly escalated and turned frantic.

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Like a flash, Ms. I knew smoking was her biggest pet peeve — and so did Jennifer. For a few moments, Ms. Kilpatrick stood silently with her hands on her hips and let mature looking for sex Bayamon angry eyes do all the talking.

After a few seconds the stare down ended and things really started to happen. Kilpatrick took Spank master seeks daughter figure by her upper arm and marched her into the house and straight to the bathroom.

After quickly pulling her inside, she shut spank master seeks daughter figure door. I thought she was simply seeking privacy for scolding her daughter. Little did I know! Dad, Karen, Grandmother and I stood quietly in the living room looking inquisitively at one.

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Only Karen knew what was going on — the rest of us were at a complete loss. As the bathroom was immediately adjacent to the living room, I could hear Ms.

Within seconds, the angry voice coming from the bathroom changed from a questioning mode to one giving strict orders. I looked around the room and noticed that my Dad and his mother were stunned by what was taking place. I had never been spanked or even around a spanking before so this stuff was all new to me. I had always known that Dad was not in favor of spanking spank master seeks daughter figure his mother did not believe in it .